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The Role of the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC)

Naimark Report  
August 21, 1998:
Sick Kids to review sponsored research Outside experts won't examine Apotex dispute
August 28, 1998:
Scientists up ante in Sick Kids fight Researchers threaten to leave if demand for inquiry isn't met
August 31, 1998:
Medical research review
September 10, 1998:
Hospital probes drug trial dispute Sick Children's announcement pleases researchers
October 9, 1998:
Sick Kids scientists duel over inquiry Competing news conferences held
Octobet 22, 1998:
Sick Kids' probe into drug study broadened Two members added to inquiry panel
October 27, 1998:
Potential for conflicts in drug research Medical research ethics
October 27, 1998:
Sick Kids must set the record straight
November 5,1998:
Top researchers at Sick Kids bow out of drug inquiry 'Hate mail' from senior hospital
November 9, 1998:
Sick Kids' reputation
November 13, 1998:
Sick Kids inquiry adds two panelists Quebec academics join hospital review of drug-study dispute
November 24, 1998:
Isolating Olivieri won't get at truth
November 24, 1998:
Letter Of The Day:The Toronto Star
November 28, 1998:
Academics, researchers support hospital review of Apotex clinical trials
November 28, 1998:
Sick Kids controversy forces dialogue in important areas
December 6, 1998:
Impartiality standards violated at Sick Kids
December 7, 1998:
Tainted Sick Kids review must be shut down
December 9, 1998:
Sick Kids review into drug research due out today MD who sparked dispute holds 'no
December 10, 1998:
Sick Kids cleared in doctor dispute Panel blames lax policies for feud
December 10, 1998:
Chain of errors
December 10, 1998:
Group critical of Sick Kids report
December 10, 1998:
Chronology of the dispute
December 11, 1998:
Olivieri pledges to battle 'bias' She gets Sick Kids apology, but seeks new inquiry
December 11, 1998:
Sick Kids administration is not the victim
December 12, 1998:
Sick Kids' apology fails to mollify doctor Patient safety issue unresolved, researcher
December 22, 1998:
LETTER: Where is the accountability in the Apotex-Olivieri case?
January 4, 2000:
Widen poison pen probe, lawyers demand --- Fresh claims of wrongdoing made on eve of hearing at Sick Kids Hate
Hate Mail
December 22, 1999:
Doctor suspended for sending hate mail --- Sick Kids researcher lied about his role, investigator says
December 23, 1999:
MD sorry for sending hate mail, lawyer says --- But at least one doctor has yet to receive apology
December 24, 1999:
Two more doctors at Sick Kids receive apologies for hate mail --- Division head's letter doesn't address real problem, one says
December 26, 1999:
Offensive behaviour
January 1, 2000:
Doctor's discipline hearing significant, Olivieri says --- Officials to decide fate of Sick Kids hate-mail author
January 4, 2000:
Widen poison pen probe, lawyers demand --- Fresh claims of wrongdoing made on eve of hearing at Sick Kids
January 5, 2000:
`4-inch binder' of new allegations against Dr. Koren --- Sick Kids MD hearing delayed over new claims
January 7, 2000:
Koren increased hospital's prestige
January 8, 2000:
Olivieri's lawyer apologizes to Sick Kids doctor --- Israeli MD confirms he wrote letter
Febuary 25, 2000:
No stranger to controversy --- Sick Kids' golden reputation has been tarnished in the past
April 15, 2000:
MD suspended without pay for poison-pen letters
May 4, 2000:
Doctor deemed too good to fire for harassment --- Many benefit from Koren's expertise, Sick Kids says in its decision
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