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The books below provide a variety of information on the current environment faced by researchers:

  • Myron Peretz Glazer & Penina Migdal Glazer - Whistle Blowers (Harper Collins, 1989)
  • Neil Tudiver - Universities for sale (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 1999)
  • James L. Turk - Corporate Campus (James Lorimer and Company Ltd, 2000)
  • John Le Carre - The Constant Gardener (Scribner Press, 2000)

These articles explain some of the current issues shaping the environment in which research is conducted:

The Atlantic:
The Medical Post:
Toroto Star:  
August 14, 1998:
Misplaced secrecy
October 27, 1998:
Potential for conflicts in drug research Medical research ethics
October 27, 1998:
Sick Kids must set the record straight
November 12, 1998:
Sick Kids is risking the loss of its dedicated researchers
November 25, 1998:
Sick Kids' researcher gets support Faculty calls for unbiased review of drug dispute
December 11, 1998:
Sick Kids administration is not the victim
Febuary 2, 1999:
Safeguards sought as thalidomide is reintroduced
June 15, 1999:
Commercialization of research raises troubling questions
December 3, 1999:
Drug firms can't dictate research, health care spending
January 8, 2000:
How fight for safer drugs erupted on world stage --- Approval process a bitter pill for Toronto doctor
January 30, 2000:
U of T president's legacy rests on fair deal
March 3, 2001:
Drug firms sway scientists: Olivieri --- Fat contracts determine research, says professor
April 19, 2001:
Boiling water's safe to drink, researchers scream
August 17, 2001:
Medical editors draw a line in the sand
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